What we insure

  • You choose how you deal with us

RK Shipman are home insurance specialists with over 40 years’ experience helping people with their home insurance – no matter how unusual your home or your circumstances.

We arrange insurance for all types of homes, no matter how big or small, old or modern:

  • Home entrance
  • Apartments, coach houses, bungalows and houses

    As home insurance specialists, R K Shipman offers a personal, friendly service based on years of expertise.

    We get to know you and your home and offer a choice of products from leading and specialist insures that have been carefully designed to meet your needs, lifestyle and budget.

    No matter what type of home you own, we can arrange the right insurance for you and our pricing is very competitive.

  • High value home entrance
  • High value homes

    Designed for people with home contents worth over £75,000.

    Our policy provides cover for Loss or Accidental Damage worldwide for:

    • Buildings
    • Contents
    • Fine art and antiques
    • Valuables

    Your policy automatically includes cover for:

    • Liability to the public and domestic staff
    • Home emergency
    • Legal expenses
    • Identity theft
    • Cyber
  • Listed property
  • Listed homes

    We have years of experience insuring listed buildings.

    So you can relax knowing that if you need to make an insurance claim for damage to your home, repairs will be carried out in keeping with the building’s heritage, using recommended building contractors, traditional building methods and the right materials to comply with regulations.

    Cover specifically designed for your unique listed home can include:

    • Loss or accidental damage to your buildings, contents, fine art, antiques and valuables, anywhere in the world
    • Unlimited sum insured so you don’t have to worry about rebuilding costs
    • Alternative accommodation for you and your pets for up to 3 years to allow repairs to take place to the required standard
    • Home Cyber to provide protection for computer virus removal following a cyber attack, fraud and telephone hacking
  • Let property

    R K Shipman can arrange insurance for landlords letting residential properties in the UK – whether you let one property or have a portfolio of properties.

    We can cover all tenancy agreement periods and a wide variety of tenants including students, DSS benefits and multiple tenants.

    Cover automatically includes Legal Expenses, and we offer optional Rent Guarantee cover to protect you if a tenant defaults on the rent.

  • Holiday homes

    Our Holiday Home Insurance is designed for apartments, cottages, chalets or houses.

    Whether the property is used by you and your family or let to paying guests, there is more risk involved compared to your main home.

    Properties may be left empty for long periods and be susceptible to damage such as theft, malicious damage or escape of water which may go unnoticed.

    And if a holiday home is let to paying guests, our insurance will cover liability if someone is injured through your negligence, for example tripping on a loose carpet and also covers damage to the contents of the home.

  • Home let via Airbnb
  • Rooms let via Airbnb

    Short term renting of rooms through online websites like airbnb continues to grow in popularity but inviting paying guests into your home can invalidate your home insurance.

    Most standard household insurance policies will exclude cover if your home is used for business purposes and theft or accidental damage to property by paying guests is often a specific exclusion.

    Whilst airbnb provides hosts with cover for damage to property by guests, this still leaves hosts without cover if a guest injures themselves in the home through negligence, for example like slipping on a loose carpet.

    R K Shipman can arrange home insurance that specifically covers renting rooms to paying guests.

  • Property subject to subsidence
  • Home affected by subsidence

    R K Shipman is able to provide cover for homeowners who have a history of subsidence or who live in an area prone to subsidence.

    Whilst many insurers are not prepared to offer this cover, we have many years of experience and expertise in this area and can arrange insurance for most homes affected by subsidence and also advise on measures to help prevent future subsidence.

    To enable us to provide a full quotation please complete our Subsidence Questionnaire.

  • Property liable to flooding
  • Homes in areas prone to flooding

    At R K Shipman we consider each flood risk individually, reviewing the history of flooding at the property or in the area.

    This is so we can arrange the best possible cover for your home.

    Insurers can take a different view on the flood risk of individual post codes so even if you have been refused cover elsewhere R K Shipman may still be able to help.

    To enable us to provide a full quotation please complete our Flood Questionnaire.

  • Unoccupied property
  • Unoccupied property (short term or long term)

    Home insurance usually restricts cover for properties that are left unoccupied for over 30 consecutive days.

    R K Shipman can arrange insurance specifically designed for unoccupied residential properties to protect your home against damage from things like escape of water, theft or malicious damage.

    We offer 3 levels of cover giving you a choice to suit your needs and budget. You can also choose:

    • Short term cover for 3 or 6 months, which is useful if you are responsible for property that is in the course of probate or for let properties that are in between tenants
    • Long term cover for up to 12 months at a time for properties that may be undergoing renovation, for example

    R K Shipman can also provide cover for solicitors acting as or on behalf of the Executor(s) of an estate or administering a Court of Protection Order whilst the property is unoccupied awaiting sale.

  • Building work
  • Building work, steel or timber frame, and prefab homes

    Designed for both occupied and unoccupied homes undergoing renovation we can arrange insurance to cover the length of the building work.

    Cover will include public liability insurance to protect you if someone is injured at your property during the renovation and also cover legal costs in the event of a contract dispute.

    Additionally, it can be difficult to obtain insurance for homes built from non-standard materials as some insurers consider the structures as higher risk or temporary.

    R K Shipman has many years’ experience arranging insurance for steel, timber frame and prefabricated homes and understand they may have the same life expectancy as a brick built property.

    Our friendly, experienced team can arrange insurance for most styles of home, both old and new.

  • People with past claims or convictions

    If someone has a history of previous household insurance claims or unspent convictions this needs to be disclosed when taking out home insurance.

    This is because some providers may refuse to insure your property in these circumstances.

    At R K Shipman we are able to arrange home insurance for people who have had multiple claims in the past 3 years or who have a conviction or live with someone who has a conviction.

    All enquiries will be handled discreetly and sensitively by our friendly, experienced team.

  • Home business
  • People who run a business from home

    Most standard household insurance policies will exclude cover if your home is used for business purposes.

    At R K Shipman we can arrange home insurance that includes cover for stock and office equipment and liability for any third party claims against you, especially vital if customers of your business visit your home.

    All businesses whether clerical or not can be considered.

  • Park and leisure home
  • Leisure and park homes

    Owners of Park Homes and Leisure Homes need insurance specially designed to cover the unique features of these types of property. Our sister company, Paul Baker Insurance Services is dedicated solely to providing insurance for both Park and Leisure Homes.

    Paul Baker Insurance Services provide a personal and friendly service, based upon knowledge and experience – their team of experts has a combined experience of 80 years within the park home and leisure home insurance sectors.

    A choice of products is offered from AXA Insurance UK plc, one of the UK's leading insurers, which have been carefully designed to meet the needs of owners, their lifestyle and budget. ‘Select’ cover is full of wide ranging features and ‘Economy’ provides excellent levels of cover but is a little cheaper.

    Paul Baker Insurance Services place great emphasis on offering you help, guidance and advice on all aspects of the park home and leisure home lifestyle from experienced professionals.